FOER was founded with a vision of making leather products that last a lifetime using sustainable methods of production. Our production begins with the finest selection of leather hides in Tuscany and continues with artesans assembling the bags in our ateliers in Munich and ends with being an individual companion. All our leather goods are handmade with quality as the driving force in our approach to create timeless products. Our bags are designed with the aim of marrying classic design with functionality.

The idea to produce leather goods started with our desire to make a leather backpack that we would want to carry to university. The aim was to create a durable bag with a timeless aesthetic. Soon our friends, our families, and people on the street were clamouring after our bags. We knew we were onto something when the demand was far outpacing our ability to provide bags to everyone who wanted one. And thus, FOER was born. Since then the line of products has expanded and the production has moved to our atelier in Munich. Throughout FOER has stayed true to its core value of creating leather goods to last a lifetime.