All of our products ARE handmade in our atelier in Munich, working with artisan stitchers classically trained in leather craftsmanship. Our production team is lead by Basel. He has been working with leather since the age of fifteen and is an integral part of achieving the level of quality and attention to detail we deliver in all of our products.

It is the celebration of excellence and craftsmanship that drives our production. To give an example: Instead of sealing the edges of the leather with a synthetic material we fold the leather, an older process that doesn’t use any chemical products. Though more time intensive, this process creates a more durable and elegant finish to our bags. With the belief that every detail makes a difference, FOER produces leather goods that are of the highest quality and meant to last.

All our leathers are vegetable tanned using recipes that have been passed down through generations. We source the leather in Tuscany, from one of the oldest tanneries in italy. Our raw hides come from France and Germany and are byproducts of the meat industry. The transformation of raw hides into leather is a slow process that takes place in wooden drums. Vegetable tanning is the most traditional and most sophisticated form of preparing leather that requires a high level of craftsmanship. All our leathers are processed unfinished and dyed through preserving the natural structure of the hides. The natural tannins allow the leather change with time and develop a unique patina. At FOER we believe that leather as a byproduct of the meat industry is a sustainable material. The sustainable production of long-lasting products is in keeping with our strong commitment to the environment.

Our solid brass buckles are custom-made for FOER by a small foundry in Florence. The buckles like the leather are of the highest standard and are made to last a lifetime. The foundry we work with in Florence is built on the traditions of Italian craftsmanship and has a commitment to using the most sustainable methods of metal production.

Every detail makes a difference, which is why FOER uses Riri zippers. Riri is a Swiss company that has been making zippers for over half a century with commitment to producing the highest quality in zippers.

The Amann & Söhne is a international manufacturer of industrial sewing threads and embroidery yarns, headquartered in Bönnigheim, Germany. Amann thread is not only one of the best producers of threads, they are also a local company which makes transport routes very short, something we always have in mind when it comes to the materials we use in our production.

PFAFF was founded in Kaiserslautern, Germany by instrument maker Georg Michael Pfaff. Pfaff's first machine was handmade, and designed to sew leather in the manufacture of shoes. We deeply trust in the quality of the Pfaff sewing machines, that are very strong and precise at the same time.